Upgrade your boating experience with Jabsco’s new Lite Flush Toilet

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The Jabsco Lite Flush toilet delivers a big performance.

Boat owners can add a bit of luxury and convenience for themselves and their guests by upgrading their manual toilet to the new Lite Flush toilet from Jabsco. It’s easy installation and stylish design give your boat all the same plumbing comforts of your home.

This electric toilet is designed to instantly retrofit your existing manual toilet uses less power than other electric toilets and less water too – only 1.3 quarts per flush. The compact and lightweight design with its ceramic bowl and plastic outer casing makes it easy to clean.

Despite its small size, the Lite Flush toilet delivers a big performance. It is fitted with a new quiet and efficient flush pump, so sleeping guests will not be disturbed when the toilet is used. The efficient flush pump has large clearances to help prevent blockages and comes with either a foot switch or wall-mounted control panel for flushing.

The Lite Flush can be used on inland waterways, rivers, lakes or the sea and can be installed above or below the waterline. Whether you’re boating at a beachfront, along the coast or on a small inland lake, the Lite Flush toilet is a luxurious upgrade to manual toilet because there’s no pumping a handle up and down to flush.

For more about the Lite Flush toilet, click here.


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