Upgrade your boat with shower drain systems from Rule and Jabsco


The Jabsco Shower Drain Pump

Recreational boaters want to experience all the comforts of home on the water — including a great shower experience. One way to ensure that is to upgrade to a shower drain system from Rule and Jabsco.

The shower drain system includes a robust Jabsco diaphragm pump, as well as a compact, full-capacity Rule shower drain box.

The Jabsco pump is designed for shower and sink drain applications. Its multipositional pump head allows for flexible and easy installation. It runs quietly and is capable of extensive dry running to ensure no liquid remains in the pump and the suction pipe is closed.

Despite its small size, the shower drain box from Rule features a powerful automatic turn on after the water starts, and shut-off when the water is removed. The system is available with one or three inlet ports, offering a variety of combinations for the inlet hose. Other features include a removable strainer for easy cleaning and an internal check valve to prevent back flow.

Xylem’s marine microsite includes technical datasheets on both the shower drain pump and shower drain box. For additional information, click here.

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