Twist ’n’ Lock Manual Toilets


Jabsco is the world’s largest manufacturer of small craft marine toilet systems, and we have applied all our experience to our latest manual toilet, refining the design that is used by nearly all boatbuilders worldwide.

For extra safety and peace of mind, the intuitive, simple to use Twist ’n’ Lock action handle guards against siphonic flooding and waste backflow. With one easy 90° turn of the handle, the lock is applied. Turning the handle back to the natural operating position opens the lock again.

  • All fastenings face front or top for ease of maintenance.
  • Flexible design for both overboard discharge and holding tanks.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials throughout for reliable fresh or salt water service.
29090-3000 Twist 'n' Lock Manual Toilet COMPACT BOWL
Weight: 9.3 (kg)
20½ (lb)
29120-3000 Twist 'n' Lock Manual Toilet REGULAR BOWL
Weight: 11.6 (kg)
23½ (lb)

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