Jabsco electric toilets provide both convenience and style

Convenient and Stylish Jabsco Toilets

When the time comes to replace the manual toilet on their boats, a growing number of owners are upgrading to electric toilets. Jabsco toilets are designed and manufactured specifically for marine use, and are available in both manual and electric models to suit the needs of boat owners.

When considering an electric upgrade, the following options are great for a variety of boaters:

Jabsco’s Lite Flush electric toilet is lightweight, compact, easy to operate and, most importantly, an easy upgrade from any manual model. The Lite Flush uses the exact mounting points of a Jabsco manual toilet base for easy installation without the need to drill additional holes. The toilets’ pipework is practically identical, so the only additional work is to feed power from the battery to operate the new system. The ceramic bowl contains both the inlet and discharge pump, making this self-contained unit ideal as an affordable upgrade to the original manual head.

For those owners with a little more space, the Jabsco Quiet Flush and Deluxe Flush models are worth consideration. While the footprint does take up a little more room than the manual, these models offer the user more flexibility in terms of bowl size, household styling and water use control.

The Quiet Flush is available as a compact or regular model and can be used with either sea/river water or the boat’s on-board fresh water supply. The Deluxe Flush offers the user homelike comfort and styling with its full wraparound ceramic that disguises pipework connections. Available in both a straight and slant back at either 14 inches or 17 inches high, it’s also available as raw or freshwater flush. Both of these units incorporate Jabsco’s proven and powerful high-capacity discharge pumps.

For more than 50 years, Jabsco has offered a wide range of marine products, from manual to electric toilets, three-way diverter valves, vented loops, holding waste pumps, low-odor toilet hose and cleaning/treatment additives. Jabsco’s investment in research and development has brought products to the marketplace that meet both the functional and aesthetic criteria boat owners are seeking.

In addition, Jabsco’s global distribution network provides instant technical support and ready access to spare parts. Click here for more information on Jabsco marine toilet products.

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