FAQs on The Jabsco Cyclone Circulation Pump Line

The heavy-duty, robust design of Jabsco’s Cyclone centrifugal pumps make them an excellent choice for demanding marine applications. The Cyclone line includes a large range of pumps for closed-circulation systems, such as livewell circulation, central heating, and other flooded suction applications. 

Stainless steel construction, long life DC motor, and an anti-clog impeller design are among the features that contribute to the Cyclone’s reliability. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers pertaining to this pump line:

Can the pump be installed as a do-it-yourself project?

  • To ensure proper installation and maximum performance, a competent electrician should install the pump. For disassembly and reassembly, detailed step-by-step instructions are provided online.

What are the basics on mounting this pump?

  • The Cyclone should be mounted on a flat surface, in a dry, well-ventilated environment. The pump must also be installed below the lowest fluid level to maintain flooded suction.

Once installed, what kind of routine maintenance needs to be performed?

  • All electrical connections must be checked periodically. The seal area must be routinely checked for signs of leaking. The intake and discharge connections should also be routinely checked for any indication of leaking or signs of oil. If leaks are identified necessary repairs should be made to correct the issue.

Learn more about Jabsco’s circulation pump offerings, including the Cyclone pumps here.


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